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Roger Brown Auction

Recently we have received and email regarding Roger Browns Estate Auction. This man is still blessing F.I.S.H even to this day. May he rest in peace. Below is information about the Auction, and there is also a link in our Events Section for you to share with your family and friends. Thank you and God Bless. 

From Midwest Liquidation Services- 
We are conducting the auction for Roger's Estate for which the proceeds are
to be donated to your organization. We have been working closely with Chris Harris (F.I.S.H Treasurer) on behalf of Roger's Estate.  I have added links to your
site as well as links to the donation page.

You can visit the Auction site at https://midwestauctionhub.com/selectedAuction.aspx?lot=11
You can visit the main site at  www.KansasResale.com


Latest News: F.I.S.H Donates 2 Track Chairs Right Before Christmas

Cpl. Chuck Lear and Cpl. Tyler Nichols recieving their new tack chairs at VVA post 317 in Kansas City. Thank you to 41 Action News for covering this amazing story right before Christmas!