Friends in Service of Heroes (F.I.S.H.)

formed to engage and encourage everyday Americans. By honoring the brave men and women who have sacrificed everything, to guarantee America’s Freedom. By “Serving America’s Heroes” we ensure to be a friend serving, and honoring our Heroes.

Four pillars of support:

To help aide in our Mission, F.I.S.H. founded the Four Pillars of support.


We focus on helping Veterans of every age and their families maintain their freedom and improve their quality of life.

Thank you to Lees Summit Subaru

“Lee's Summit Subaru Lends A Hand To FISH - Friends In Service of Heroes Lee's Summit Subaru wanted to team up with FISH - Friends In Service of Heroes this year to make sure we end it with doing what we do best - Sharing the love! FISH - Friends In Service of Heroes constantly is on the lookout for these veterans, active and retired, first responders and all others who put something bigger than themselves that need a hand. Dec 2018 we were able to help FISH - Friends In Service of Heroes with a 15-year-old Chevy Pick up and repaired the exhaust, new windshield, brakes, tires, and various other items needed to make sure that our veteran Buddy can use this truck to get to work and home and not worry about if his truck will start every time he has to go make a living just like the rest of us. Thank you for all who have sacrificed so we have ours to be thankful for. “

Click the picture below to view the The Subaru Love Promise and to see all they have done in the local community!

Big Time Country Christmas for F.I.S.H

On Saturday December 15th Kanza Hall hosted a F.I.S.H Christmas concert staring Big Time Grain Company and special guest Gabriella Chapa. It was an emotional and successful night as we continued our passion in helping veterans. Thank you to everyone that was able to join us we hope you had a blast! 1/3 of all proceeds went to F.I.S.H! We look forward to many more nights like this one!

F.I.S.H. in Action

F.I.S.H Adds a New K9 to the Family

OLATHE, Kan. -- A decorated Marine who survived seven combat tours and three IED explosions is now getting support from an Olathe-based non-profit dedicated to helping veterans. This week Friends in Service of Heroes, or FISH, donated a service dog named Rusty to Marine Gunnery Sergeant Robert Cale.