Friends in Service of Heroes (F.I.S.H) is a Nonprofit 501c.3 Organization

Tax EIN: 46-2044457

We focus on helping Veterans of every age and their families maintain their freedom and improve their quality of life. 

Nothing is more fundamental to our country than the freedom these Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen provide.
Our programs will improve the quality of life of our troops, our veterans and their families. 
Our Service Members serve with devotion and dedication and uncommon courage.  However, they experience the same day-to-day challenges and concerns as do all good citizens.  We have found that many are reluctant to ask for help - even for the benefits they have earned.  It is part of their ethos and training that drives them to focus on others first, not themselves.  
OUR GOALS are based on  



"The world is a very dangerous place and the needs of our active duty military, veterans and families will continue for decades to come. F.I.S.H. is relevant, needed and will be there when our military needs us. They served us, now it’s our turn to serve them. Your continued financial support is needed to continue serving our Nation’s Heroes."  -F.I.S.H Boardmember


Friends in Service of Heroes (FISH) grew from an industry initiative, the retail patriot awards, that recognized food retailers who provided outstanding support to our military.

The Foundation was born on January 31, 2013, after a group of food industry executives held a "Heroes Dinner" at a Marine Corps Air Station in Cherry Point, N.C., which served gourmet meals to Marines who were commended for heroism or community service. The experience moved the Marines and the group to commit in ways the group could grow and do more to provide meaningful support.  These 5 individuals executed their plans quickly and received their Non-Profit status effective March 2013.    

We are an all-volunteer Board.

 Please contact us at 913-481-5060 if you would like to FISH with us or give a Donation.  




Paul Chapa
Chairman, President

Dan Monks

Christopher Benson


Travis Hubbard

Chef Rick Tarantino


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Lead Web Design