FISH Sponsors Gold Star Escorts Serving Gold Star Families, Donates Power Chair to Ft. Riley Warrior Transition Battalion

A note from Paul Chapa, Founder, Food Industry Serving Heroes: 

We are duly proud of two of our FISH Ambassadors, Specialist Celeste Fry (USA, Ret.) and Staff Sergeant James Wilson (USA, Ret.). 

On June 12th, SP4 Fry and SSG Wilson attended the Gold Star Dinner at Ft. Riley, KS, home of the 1st Infantry Division, "Big Red One."

During Victory Week, Ft. Riley honors those Fallen Soldiers who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms over the past year. These Soldiers’ families attend and Soldiers from the command, assigned, attached, and resident units escort and take care of these honored Gold Star Families – spending all day and most of the evenings with them.

At the keystone event, the Victory Dinner, FISH covered the dinner expenses for 10 of these Gold Star Escorts and our 2 Ambassadors. It was an honor to provide this support to these families as part of our SUPPORT and RECOGNITION pillars. 

Ft. Riley units, perhaps more than any other single installation in the Army, have participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with honor and dignity. FISH has demonstrated its commitment to our Army troops and their families at Ft. Riley two times in recent months: the aforementioned Victory Dinner, and the donation of a Power Chair to the Ft. Riley Warrior Transition Battalion on March 17th. 

The Battalion Commander, LTC Eric Schmidt, reports that the chair – not otherwise available to him – is used daily and is in high demand. LTC Schmidt invited us to spend a day with the Battalion, meet with the soldiers, and learn how the WTB and US Army Medical Command works with them to reach the decision to return to service or transition to civilian life. We are planning the visit now and will report out, with photos, when we do it.