Your Sponsorship Needed: Help FISH Raise Funds to Secure Service Dogs & Track Chairs for America's Heroes! Come Golf With Us!

Help FISH raise money to secure Service Dogs & Track Chairs for America's Heroes! Come golf with us at Falcon Lakes Golf Club.  

To enter, please call 913.481.5060.  

About the Tournament:

Food Industry Serving Heroes is dedicated to establishing leadership in the industry by gathering as many food companies - and their surrounding communities - to support our troops, veterans and military families.  

It has been said many times that charity begins at home and that successful foundations establish a strong and positive presence at their home base. This tournament has that aim -- local presence > national recognition > heightened presence > national participation.

We are sincerely grateful to those sponsors who have stepped up, and we encourage and welcome more to  "come into the boat" and FISH with us. 

We look forward to showcasing our military with vehicles from the WWII Historical Society, a HEMTT Hauler, and a Chinook Helicopter all scheduled to appear. We will also feature the Kansas City Bettys and live music featuring well known local musicians and a member of the FISH BOD. 

For those interested in being a Sponsor, click here<<.  

To register to golf, please click here<<.  

For more about the Kansas City Bettys - please click here<<.  For information about the Military Vehicle Preservation Association - please click here<<