We honor our veterans through our program of Heroes Dinners.  And we also honor our Retail Patriots with help from Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer.  

Our Heroes Dinners honor active duty servicemen and women selected by their respective commanding officers for their community involvement, courage, and action on and off the battlefield. We hold Heroes dinners to recognize Service Members who have demonstrated heroism, valor and honor in their respective communities, on their respective military installations or while on deployment. FISH provides the food and a celebrity chef to prepare the dinner, with the installation providing the location -- often the home of the commanding officer.  In cooperation with community and installation officials, we work together with the existing formal and informal structure to support the assigned Service Members and Families.

Such encourages industry partners – retailers, distributors, and manufacturers – to join in our efforts with product, financial, and manpower support.

Our formal engagement begins with a Heroes Dinner -- an effective introduction of FISH and opportunity for all to recognize FISH’s mission and meaning. The dinner is for the troops. To date, the word-of-mouth “buzz” surrounding the Heroes Dinners is a powerful medium that shows we are a resource at all levels of the command.

The dinner is a launching point. We establish relationships that maintain and sustain the operations that comprise the Four Pillars of Support. Once engaged, FISH then collaborates with the installation staff to develop the specific opportunities to serve. These requirements become resource or formal funding requests to the Board of Directors who determine the appropriateness and the amount of funds, or services-in-kind, that FISH may provide. The Board of Directors considers and reviews each request, calls on the experience of the Board of Advisors and other cooperating experts, and determines the appropriateness and the amount of funds, or services-in-kind, that FISH may provide.

Therefore, the Foundation becomes self-sustaining, carried forward by its success and through referrals and requests for support and additional partnerships.  

The Heroes Dinner Recognition Pillar provides insight into FISH capabilities, goals and objectives and connects the military communities to the Foundation in a direct and personal way. Individually and collectively, the Heroes Dinners clients become ambassadors for the Foundation. 

If you'd like to support our Heroes Dinners, please contact us for more information.