Our Mission

Nothing is more fundamental to our country than the freedom our military has provided. Our Service Members serve with devotion, dedication, and uncommon courage. As part of their ethos and training that drives them, they focus on others first and not themselves. However, they experience the same day-to-day challenges and concerns as do all good citizens. We have found that many are reluctant to ask for help – sometimes even for the benefits, they have earned.

F.I.S.H. focuses on improving the quality of life of our troops, our veterans, and their families in the Greater Kansas City area. To help aid in our Mission, F.I.S.H. founded the Three Pillars of support.

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We honor our veterans through our program of Heroes Dinners.

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Financial Assistance

Living expense assistance.


Providing wheel and track chairs, service/companion dogs and similar mobility, adaptability & resilience aids to Service Members in need.

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Jerry Ingram – F.I.S.H.

Friends say Ingram is without question an American hero. Paul Chapa with Friends in Service of Heroes, or F.I.S.H., says he feels like Jerry knew it was his time to go. “Pearl Harbor was attacked at 7:55 a.m. Jerry passed at 7:50 a.m. Dates meant a lot to Jerry and it’s a date that we’ll never forget,” Chapa said. Ingram felt a duty to his country after Pear Harbor that would lead him through the rest of his life. His friend and Navy veteran, Rick “Doc” Pustka, said Ingram is Marine through and through. “There’s two important days in a Marine’s life. One is when he’s born and the other is when he realizes why he was, and Jerry knew why he was,” Pustka said. When Ingram went to Iwo Jima he left with a team of men, but came back alone. “In Jerry’s unit he was the only survivor,” Chapa said. “Tinian was one of the worst battles in the South Pacific and he was the last tank standing. But that was all behind him. All he was about was giving back,” Pustka said. A Final tribute to our friend Jerry Ingram